• “Monetary policy responses to the exchange rate: Empirical evidence from the ECB”, 2014, Economic Modelling, Vol. 39, 63–70.
    Published version   |  WP version  |   Data and Code ]
  • “Keep Your Word: Time Varying Inflation Targets and Inflation Targeting Performance”, 2014, (with Bedri Kamil Onur Tas), The Manchester School, 82(2), 160–182.
    [  Published version   |WP version   |   Data and Code ]
  • “The Extent of Trade Mis-invoicing in Turkey: Did post-1990 Policies Matter?”, (with Yasemin Yalta), Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development,  July 2010, Vol.31 No.3. 
    [   Published version   |  WP version   |   Data and Code ]

 Working Papers

Research in Progress 

  • “Forward Guidance Shocks and Volatility in Emerging Markets” (with Indrani Manna)
  • “Evaluation of U.S. Inflation: Learning and Data Uncertainty”
  • “Macroeconomic Forecasting: a Spatial Approach” (with Burak Eroglu)
  • “Interbank market liquidity and central bank intervention: an experimental analysis” (with Yanshuo Chen and Adam Epp)

Policy Notes/Papers

  • “To Hike or not to Hike: Is that an Option for Latin America? Assessing Monetary Policy Autonomy”, 2015, (with Carlos Caceres, Yan Carriere-Swallow, Bertrand Gruss) Regional Economic Outlook: Western Hemisphere. International Monetary Fund.
    Published version    |   Data and Code ]

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